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Bill Mosca's Microsoft Access Database Tools, Code Samples and more for the serious developer.
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I have developed several tools to make working with Access applications a little easier. I hope you find these freeware utilities useful.
If you find these tools or my other contributions useful please consider donating to this site.
Notice! Properties Setter is now available for the newer ACCDB/ACCDE file formats.
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Properties Setter version 3.5 for Access 2000-2003

Properties Setter Acc 2007 version 4 works with 2007 and older file formats.

Properties Setter Acc 2010 version 4.2010.01 works with new accdb/accde format as well as older versions.

My most popular utility by far. This tool lets you connect to an Access ACCDB, ACCDE, MDB, MDE or MDA and see the database settings, startup form and whether or not it has an AutoExec Macro. Think of it as a Startup wizard.


You can change the settings using the Properties Setter without opening the target file. Did you set the database to disallow the Bypass Key? You can reset it. Need to change any of the other database settings? Just check the boxes you want changed. And click the Engage button.
View the ReadMe file to find out more about the Properties Setter here.


I started creating add-ins with Access 2000 and got hooked on them. What better way to make life easier than to have more development tools at your fingertips without needing to cut and paste code into each database?

Show User Roster version 3.4

This is an Access Add-in that is meant to be used in the back end of a split database that utilizes Access User Level Security (ULS). It can display a list of all current users in the database, telling you which ones are suspect (may have not exited properly and hung the LDB file).

ShowUsers has the functionality to let you block any new users from opening the database, and there is a built-in messaging feature that asks logged in users to log out.

View the ReadMe file to find out more about the ShowUserRoster here.

Table Restorer version 1.1

Ever accidentally delete a table? ACK! I hope you have a backup. Nah, you don't need a backup. You can restore the table with this add-in.

As long as you don't delete another object and you don't compact or close the file, you just open TableRestorer from your Add-ins list and click a button.

View the ReadMe file to find out more about the TableRestorer here.

ExportAll version 2.2

One of the things that hasa always bothered me is the fact that Microsoft did not include a way to do bulk object exports. You can only do one object at a time. Sometimes you can do a work-around by importing the objects into another database, but this is not possible if you want to get objects from a workgroup-protected database into an unprotected database.

ExportAll is an add-in that does just what its name says. It lets you export multiple objects at one time. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to carry the relationships along with it. But, hey, with all the time this will save you, you can rebuild the relationships and still be ahead of the game.

View the ReadMe file to find out more about ExportAll here.