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Orders & Solutions 
MS Access 2000 Developer's Edition came with some really cool sample databases named Orders and Solutions. They have their own special help files that walked you through building many different forms and reports. We kept them on file, but unfortunately, Microsoft decided to let them drift away. Download the zip file by clicking on the link to the left.
Be sure to unzip them to your C drive. They will extract to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Samples. That will keep the special help files in the expected folder. Otherwise you'll have to do some browsing to sync up the help files with the databases to get the tutorial effect.

Access Security FAQs


 Microsoft Access article on how User Level Security works and the proper way to set it up.


Objects As Text (2003)

(97 version)


Dimitri Furman's add-in to save objects as text and to load saved objects from text into your database. A great time-saving tool! Follow the help file instructions for Add-ins. You can get other downloads from his site at


MouseWheel VBA IDE Fix

I found this DDL to fix the mouse wheel scroll problem in the VBA code window for Access 2000 - 2003. I can't find the source or the author's name. If anyone knows who the author is, please click on the Contact Us link to send me the information.

After you download the zip file, unzip it to your Windows\System32 folder. Then click on Start>Run and type this command:

regsvr32.exe VBAIDEMouseWheelAddin.dll

You should get a message that the DLL was successfully installed. At that point, your mouse wheel should scroll in the VBA window.

If your mouse wheel still won't scroll, click on Add-ins>Add-in manager and select MouseWheel Fix. Check the loaded and Load on Startup boxes.