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Bill Mosca's Microsoft Access Database Tools, Code Samples and more for the serious developer.
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This site is your source for Microsoft AccessTM Add-ins and Utilities. I will also be sharing code samples, articles and tips for building a better Access application.
There is a plethora of Access sites that help the average developer. I intend to use my site to show you how to do the more advanced coding and designing that so many sites leave unaddressed. Keeping that in mind, you may find my code samples difficult to understand if you are a beginner. While I tend to write very generic code that can usually be pasted into any project, if you do not understand what the code is doing please don't use it. Or better yet, please join the members at my Yahoo group MS Access Professionals and ask all the questions about it you want. We have an extensive membership that includes several Access MVPs like myself and even the author of several Access books! Asking questions there will often get several responses within minutes just about any time of the day or night.
I plan to keep this site as fluid as Access itself is...always improving, ever growing.

Free Tutorials on YouTube!
Crystal has taken on quite the task of recording Access video tutorials and placing them on YouTube. Her love of teaching and knowledge of Access shine through in these professionally done, step-by-step lessons. Be sure to watch them at
Access Basics - a free eBook by Crystal. Be sure to take a peek at this gotta-have resource. And best of all, it's FREE!


 Recommended Access Tools

Check out these tools that make developing in Access even more RAD (Rapid Application Development, not radical).


The best COM add-in for the VBA editor I have ever seen and it's FREE! Too many features to list. Be sure to get this one.


Free tools like my favorite Deep Search and Replace which will go through all objects from tables to code.


Free customizable code indenter. Cleans up formatting with one click at procedure, module or project level. Perfect for code you inherited from a sloppy programmer.
 SQLinFormNow here's a tool I use all day long. It is a free online SQL formatter  that is highly customizable. I use it to make Access-generated SQL statements readable. You can also translate SQL into a string for other languages like VB (VBA). A desktop utility is available for a reasonable fee with free annual updates. It has all the same configurations plus it lets you format any selected Access SQL right to your clipboard.
 FMS Access Tools Although these are not free, they are reliable and easy to use.


If you deal with delimited files a lot you will find this a must-have freeware. You can read a delimited file in a grid format with tons of tools. There is an installed version as well as a portable one.



Stay on top of what's new with Access at the Access Team Blog


MS Access Professionals Forum

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